Her engagement day 01

It was her engagement day and I felt so happy and grateful for her. Finally her wedding… her special moment of life… had us joyful. I want her to look georgeous and more romantic at the engagement day, so I applied all pink shades to her. Not to forget a kissy lipsy red tint on the middle of lips, it would make her like a sweet romantic girl. Her wardrobe was pink after all.

So that’s the look of sweet romantic girl, engagement makeup or makeup tunangan. Can we use it for makeup wisuda? I guess so…


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Many friends ask me how to makeup as natural as possible for daily then I said, it’s almost impossible. I mean, if you don’t want to be looked like wearing any cosmetic then why do you want to put a makeup on? simply just do skincare and put on sunscreen on the go. But yeah they want me to do more, push me more, thank you for the motivation. So I did this makeup to show them the look of natural makeup, spesifically my version of natural makeup look.

I used emi covered makeup base then put on Missha BB cushion, then applied a little bit of black blend it with chocolate shades at the corner of eyes to the crease. I used pink shades eyeshadow then blend it all to the lids. Applied thick fine eyeliner to emphasize the eyes. Then applied white eyeliner pencil at the bottom of eyes to get more youth look. Not to forget the chocolate eyebrows. Mocca and pink is a perfect match. So I choosed pink shades as lipstick, Artistry signature lipstick. There’s no photo proven about the steps. I’ll make another one someday.

But I found this makeup tutorial about how to apply eyeshadow easily you may check it and practise it. Don’t forget to share your story about your version of natural look okay.



I’ve attended a wedding at Balai Kartini. It was at night and windy. I choosed mocca theme as wardrobe but didn’t want to give up charcoal. Charcoal as hijab was nice and as makeup, I choosed mocca shades too. I didn’t wear any false lashes and I thought that nude makeup would made me look simple and nice. So Artistry signature lipstick and glossy LED lips has been choosen as final touch. No hi-tech smartphone camera, so looks like a plain no glossy at all.

I’m on the mood to write this week. Ya know, coz to write something even a word isn’t that easy. I used to write my daily journal in a journal. But dunno if it’s worth to tell my readers.

Anyway, cupcake said that she’s bored. Barbie and stuff didn’t interest her nowadays. She’s more into games but I won’t give her my games yet. Not at her age. She has to be patient, learn to be patient.